ROUND THREE: The Ninjas.. –


Welcome to Tag Team Tuesdays.

This is around 3 of 4 of the reside July game up between The Ninjas and The Pirates.This last round is the Pirates’ chance to get their first win of the year. They lost Round two and need to come from the locker room powerful, this team is too great to go (0-3).The Ninjas came out in Round two and opened up a can of whoop ass on the Pirates. The need to hold this guide and they will continue to be undefeated in tag group action.Once again Vendetta controls the flow of the last round. She was every moment. At this evening, dia and Jessie had no response for her ability or strength. Tara never gave up or in and limited the damage to this dent. The Ninjas seem just like the team to overcome this Surrender is your aggressive non-scripted sex wrestling website in the world. Join now to see why this is called the sport of the future!

Date: January 4, 2020
Category: Strapon

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