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Mistress Lexi has her bitch slave bound in a cock stock, cock and balls squashed and locked right where she wants them. He cannot move or escape, his cock and balls crushed and locked in place. lexi tells the slave that she wears the pants in this relationship and binds him to her bondage table. She then goes to town pounding his ass with her huge strapon, constantly reminding him that he is her bitch as she spanks his ass and uses his hair as a handle to force her cock in even deeper. Each thrust of lexis cock causes the slave to gasp out from the pain in his cock and balls. lexi adds to the humiliation by reaching down and tormenting his crushed cock and balls while laughing at how superior her cock is. lexi has her way with the slaves ass, the helpless bitch just endures the wrath or her hungry cock.

From: Femdomempire.com
Date: November 19, 2019
Actors: Lexi Sindel
Category: Strapon

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