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As they passionately kiss on the dinning room table sliding her hand down Yaras yoga pants, Chloe catches her bum cheek. Chloe takes along with her red hair falling onto her chest, she shows her tight bra and hairy armpits. Slowly undressing each other, the girls caress each other before the lay fully nude in front of every other.Placing her head in between Yaras thighs, and Chloe moves her tongue all around Yaras hairy vulva playing with her meaty cheeks in between her tongue as Yara squirms in enjoyment. Laying on top of the table, the girls position themselves at a 69 giving each other oral pleasure before getting down to the ground and to get some action that will require them.

Date: November 19, 2019
Actors: Chloe V / Yara
Category: Lesbian

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