Sexy Stefania Mafra is really a thug getting by stealing and scamming. She tiptoes to nab a couple bikinis but the box opened for and size. She starts to get frustrated ditching the bathing suits around the ground when she stumbled upon a teeny little gold mylar bikini. With hardly covers her around Brazilian buttocks stefania strips off her clothes and puts about the bathing suit. Stefania struts around admiring herself in the bikini that is once suddenly I look and catch in the middle of the prosecution and prances. That the skinned bimbo has a record and begs me not to call the cops. I&severe;ll do anything she yells out. Oh this is fantastic!! I decide to use the dumb thief in my photo spread for my suits. I plan on doing the cultural girl that is hot along with a provacative bikini bondage picture is the perfect model. I cram her wrists together behind her back and rope. Stefania protests about she gets compliant and how tight the bondage is, but I remind her. I turn my back to catch the series and the brat woman produces a run for it. She doesn´t get way and I shove her backwards into the room. I crank up her arms until tying her elbows and then attached a hook and her wrists together. Not precisely what you had in mind is that it Stefania? Her big mouth runs and squeezes her around curvy ass into my face like I bind her knees. I run up the rope and add a last rope cinching her waist snugly and put it. I laugh at her discomfort and shove on a large ballgag involving her lips. Poor burglar Stefania begins drooling like a pig. Awwww – a couple cranks of the winch and also you also ´ll be all set for your photoshoot. I crank her arms up painfully high in a barbarous strappado and off before I call the cops to report her for robbery I go to grab a camera to take pictures of the young thing in her stolen bikini.

Date: November 14, 2019
Category: General porn

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