Allison Wyte –


Welcome to another edition of Interracial Blowbang; or you may call it”How the White Man Has Fucked Us Again”. Allison Wyte is just as white as they come. Shes a tiny thing with freckles, firm titties, a terrific ass, along with also the willingness to create our suffering a bit more bearable. She got word of the Interracial Blowbang and shows off some tits and ass before making her way. Shes fucked with black guys before but that has been on a bigger scale. She looks my old boss who fired me for being 5 minutes late to work but theres only one of several stories of the guy has kept me down. I grabbed her out of the corner my attention and the time for talking was over, while sending my sermon. She made the way down the line because we saluted people who fell before 20, teasing all my fellow combatants. She knew we were growing restless and she discovered our dicks finding room within her mouth. Because she was in the middle of a dick circle her eyes were watery. Shes shot some pop shots but my homies and I chose that shit to the next level. Dont believe me? Watch it.

Date: November 13, 2019
Actors: Allison Wyte
Category: Hairy

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