Bad Boy Playstation –


1 look in his eyes, I understood this was one bad boy looking right back at me. When the door opened up, A glance in the size of tent in his shorts, which were visibly throbbing , I knew Blake would be a treat for the camera. This little hottie went on to deliver – along with my jeans. He is the first man Ive filmed that so horny by naturethat he started operating his bone through the meeting and had his hands down his trousers! There something that’s such a turn on to see a straight man finger his hole – but even hotter when there is an 8 pole dancing on his abs whereas he does it.His load is simply wicked and oversize since the rest of him judging by the finger complete he licks off afterwards, it was a tasty one too!

Date: November 12, 2019
Actors: Blake
Category: Gay porn

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