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Niki and Kate had a significant meeting with their financial advisor, who arrives and is immediately diverted by their selection of business suit, one in a red silk blouse half unbuttoned another with a blouse and a black tie, to give the hints of formality. The advisor tries to stay professional but could not dismiss these chicks since he also had a enormous boner during the assembly, which the women did nothing to dismiss, and has a silk and satin fetish. They played and teased their poor horny flustered buddy, eventually reaching inside his fly to pull his enormous boner from his pants, touching his legs and rubbing him up with their lace and silk clothes. The women played it with their hands with his high heeled shoes then took too it into their mouths then they got him nude and fucked him til he blasted around their silk blouses.

From: Fullyclothedpissing.com
Date: November 10, 2019
Actors: Kate
Category: Pissing

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