Training A Slave Bitch –


Her realm is ruled by princess Veronica Snow having a firm hand and a hardcore smile. She always gets what she wants. Her bitch boy sissy maid has been eating her ass and he will eat it more still. He doesn&severe;t deserve her lovely pussy her sweaty butt. As she teaches, he does. When she’s tired of himshe slaps his face and orders him to contact cleaning like the little bitch boy. Veronica Snow gets her bitch cleaning while she’s out fucking better men. She comes home and feeds him the cum from the condom that was worn with her bull. Down the significant load goes down her bitch´s pitiful throat. She determines that she needs him to delight her young pussy using a dildo gag while she believes about her hugely hung stud. Her sissy slave pleasures her with the dildo gag while she taunts him and then also moans. Princess Veronica enters the room, smirking at her bitch. “We´re going to see how much COCK CONTROL you’ve got!” She laughs at her pathetic man. Over so he is inches away from her lovely pussy, her slave bends. While making him see she pleasures herself with her vibrator. He isn&severe;touch or t allowed to taste her but is so close he could smell her wetness but is powerless to do anything about that. He believes so ashamed in that sissy maid gown. Veronica then puts lipstick and a wig on her bitch and makes her him. Princess Veronica grows tired of her sissy´s walk. “How are you going to become my small blowjob whore in case you cannot even act adorable?” States a Veronica. Veronica suddenly notices he was walking funny. He had been attempting to hide his boner. She laughs at his pathetic hard-on and determines she will let him use it….to fuck her blow-up lamby. She commands him to fuck the inflatable lamby while laughing at him and making him say”baaaa” like a lamby over and over again. He should eat it, although she allows him cum inside of it! Princess Veronica knows what time it really is. It´s period to reveal that her sissy how to be a proper slut. First she sees her sissy can suck on her cock. Afterward she bends him and lifts up his sissy maid gown. She pushes on her big cock in his tight pussy. She fucks him deep and hard, laughing and making fun of him while he groans from the size of humiliation and her cock. Veronica doesn&intense;t quit, she only moves to a better position, so that she can see his cock that is pitiful away as she fucks his or her pussy.

Date: November 6, 2019
Actors: Veronica Snow
Category: Strapon

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