Jessica Fox and TS Foxxy.. –


Her Mother-in-Law along with jay, Simone are currently Seeing San Francisco from the Mid-West.

The excursion is definitely like family holidays using in-laws goes: awkward embarrassing and sometimes down into blood pressure increasing. Jay is trying her best to remain calm but Simone is driving her very last guts. The last straw comes when Simone gets into a debate with a bartender at a dive bar. It is almost a relief for Jay when the manager woman takes Simone off to talk about the problem. That feeling, however, does not last long. The bartender grabs Jay and handcuffs her storage space. Things have gone from dull, to exciting to frightening. As she’s handcuffed in the bar office Simone confronts a whole set of problems and Jessica and Foxxy are currently taking off their garments. Her fascination is masked by simone vaguely in each of her perpetrators panties with the bulge. Instead she lets the ladies take over and dominate her, when Jessica and Foxxy unleash their cocks Simone uttered. A cock in all of her pockets and two cum loads in her mouth which give a new sense to make-up along with kiss. Double penetration, cock sucking sex that stunning and has all three girls sweating. Simone eventually gets to have orgasms she has always dreamed about from women she has danced. And we figure out what happened at the final episode of the feature on her daughter-in-law.

Date: November 6, 2019
Category: Shemale

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