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Jay was recruited to collegiate soccer out of high school. “I had many universities that were curious,” he said.He picked one, and had been linebacker on his group for 2 years before he chose college wasnt for him. “It was fun,” he explained. “You will find sexy girls everywhere. “Yeah, becoming a handsome linebacker is probably up there among the list of”How to Attract Hot Girls.” “However,” he added,”that I was kind of exhausted.” So what did he do? “I decided I needed to go to culinary school,” he explained. “I want to begin my own restaurant once am done. “Apparently hes quite the chef. And the girls he dates love it! “Its the best approach to a womans heart!” He said. (I believe that translates to: the best method to find a girl into bed.) “A great romantic dinner with candles. They love it.”

From: Seancody.com
Date: November 6, 2019
Actors: Jay
Category: Gay porn

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