I&severe;ve just purchased five carat diamond rings and my insurance broker is currently coming on to appraise them to add to my policy. I’ve got plans tonight and am dressed to the nines – opera length crimson satin glasses skin tight red lace gown plus six inch red stiletto heels. The doorbell rings and I answer but I am immediately ambushed – caught hand over XXXX along with mouth back inside. He manhandles me XXXX me and pulling on my body. He about shoves a ballgag in my mouth that is screaming. I kick and thrash my legs while he holds me down and proceeds to surprise me to my safe’s whereabouts. No!!!!!!!! I will not offer you anything. He molests my tits and exposing my thigh high stockings and satin panties. He fondles me but I refuse to reply. Finally he is so pissed off and my gag is removed by him and begins to tease me difficult. I tease and cough but refuse to inform him. After a few brutal chokes round my neck I gagging and am gasping for breath and I eventually shake my head yes. Where my safe is I tell him and that he binds my ankles leaving me tied upon the chair. I have the capacity to restate the knee and that I get up from the seat and jump towards the phone. I fall onto the couch and it is an attempt to make it to the telephone with my elbows crushed together. I eventually pick up the phone to dial the thief returns and 911. He winds it round my neck pulling tightly until I drop limp into his arms and picks up a scarf.

Date: November 5, 2019
Category: General porn

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