My daughter Alexis Rain is the best personal trainer at her gym and is muscled up. She&extreme;s been making a living training class clients that are large until bitchy blonde bimbo Vicky Vixxx got her fired. Vicky claimed that Alexis groped her through the practice so we choose to pay a trip to instruct the blond a lesson to . Vicky is out doing kettle bell swings and I catch her roughly as she drops the kettle bell and we double team her XXXX her her knees onto a stage. I immediately rope up her arms behind the pole crushing her elbows together and cinching it tight. Her mouth is run by vicky so Alexis lips it in and pushes a huge red ballgag involving her lips. While her toes are held by woman Alexis down, I include a rope. I bind her tell miss Vixxx she is going to call the gym and telling the director that she made the thing up so that Alexis gets her job back and crossed ankles. Alexis comes up with a better idea, although I begin to tie her wrists together. She grabs the kettle bell and I tie into a rope which &severe;s attached to Vicky&extreme;s crotch rope. Alexis places the weight in acute & poor Vicky;s hand. Let&severe;all that weight yanks your crotch rope up punishing your pussy and s see just how long you can hold that until you provides out. The weakling doesn&extreme;her hands provides out and t last long. We laugh as the pot bell swings forth and back and Vicky &extreme;s is abused. Alexis and I choose to have some fun playing kettle bell throw and this gets the blonde MILF screaming into her gag. How can you enjoy your own kettle bell training missy?? Vicky is currently drooling and sobbing at the stage, so Alexis and I leave her and the pot bell swinging back and forth struggling.

Date: November 5, 2019
Category: General porn

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