Dear Diary –


Jayden Woods colorful imagination has run away with her again! Jaydens dreams have been coming true ever since her mom helped her princess is designed by her getaway. She lays in a glowing window of sunshine that is enchanting and her crisp white linen bed together with twiggy vines to write in her journal. Diary is stuffed with colorful imagery. Never though, has she been able to conjure up a human being just like her friend Jenna Lohan, so that they might be daring and explore their fairytale.Jaydens dream comes to life again before her eyes! A curvy babe kiss, caress and much more. Jenna doesnt wait before she dives on top of Jayden excited to taste her mouth that is warm. Jayden wraps her thighs around Jenna who rips Jaydens clothes off her body. Jayden is equally as excited, also sits up to tear off Jennas clothing. Jayden lies back to allow Jenna accessibility to every corner of her body. Jenna doesnt have a while to hesitate before diving down on Jaydens shaved pussy. Tongue piercing is now to tug and bulge Jaydens tender parts. Jaydens fantasy is so realistic that she is already seconds out of her orgasm.Jayden turns Jenna about to have a taste of her warm pussy, employing a tongue and hand with each other to excite Jennas parts. Jenna is readily attracted to the edge of orgasm appreciating every second of Jaydens work. Jenna comes in Jaydens penetration, and she drops back to allow Jayden climb. After minutes in 69 Jayden is feeling overcome with joy, and now that she writhes against Jennas tongue. As she eventually reaches her orgasm her legs and chest tremble. As she lets her head fall shes satisfied with Jennas pussy and feels the impulse to finish off her around again. She is brought to another wild orgasm and they also sit tasting each other nipples in afterglow. Having a blink of her nostrils Jenna is gone, out of thin air… poof, leaving Jayden to sit back and write about her own experience.

Date: November 4, 2019
Category: Brunette

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