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PD is currently providing Rain the grand tour. He reveals her everything that is at his disposal for this time together. She was mistaken if she had been hoping to be treated like anything apart from a creature. When she has to stink she will do it outside as a bitch and when she is done he’ll gag her with all the same panties he used to wash her pussy.Just making her suck her pissy panties isn’t sufficient to get PD’s sadistic glee. He drags Rain inside and suspends her, leaving her dangling on one foot. PD keep practicing his whip job and lays her down when she’s had so far she can not keep up herself too. It is too easy to reach a stationary target, though, so that he stands her back up, hoods her, and lets her stumble around in some high heels, blind as she chooses more lashes.Trotting her around has its own merits but if he wants to actually get to her pussy PD awakens Rain from the rafters with her legs spread wide. A bullseye is made by that cunt because he works to keep his aim sharp. Whether it’s the cane or the whip, he knows precisely the way to convince her to maintain the screams coming. Her pussy get wet from the pain. He operates on her toes, her thighs and ass, and even her clit and lips, all which makes this slut more sexy from the second.She wants cock so bad that her cunt holds on tight when he jams Mr. Pogo up inside of her. He would like to prepare her to cum and she needs as much instruction as she can get. Without requesting he, the first time she cums flogs her pussy till she yells. Then she is better at controlling herself. Following her count down to an explosive orgasm she could hardly breathe.

From: Hardtied.com
Date: October 15, 2019
Actors: Rain DeGrey
Category: Bondage

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