As leader of this school for acute, I & girls;t been reprimanding girls for a long time. I call right down the slutty Terra Mizu . Her plaid school girl skirt is so short she is currently sporting a belly baring tiny little top with stiletto heels and it barely covers her buttocks. Terra!! What happened to your clothes – it appears as if you shrunk it! I am furious at extreme & Terra ;s belligerent attitude. What a brat this one is! I inform the long leggy woman that as a punishment because of her breaking the school´s for and rules her replying me , she won’t be going to the prom. Initially Terra has snotty with me again, when she realizes I am serious, but her attitude soon changes. The brunette begins to beg saying she’ll do anything to electronic permitted to visit the prom. I push her down to her knees and rope her arms up behind her back crushing her elbows together painfully. Terra starts to protest, however, I remind her of the prom and she starts to whimper. Terra cries that the rope is too tight and whines and a tight tight crotch rope yanking it up offering her a camel toe is added by me. Oh mistress please stop – it´s breaking me in half. I grope her tits and lay the girl that was bound on the floor. I tie her ankles up while she sobs, tying her heels. I attach one rope out of her elbows to her elbows tying her just like a hog!! I tell fairly slut Terra which I’ll take her picture so that all the school girls know what happens once the rules violate. Before I leave I reveal Terra my bright satin panties and slowly peel them. I drop my underwear and let me to choose the panties in her mouth or my woman pussy!! Terra selects and sobs the panties – I seal them tightly with clear tape and push at them intensely into her big mouth. There you go overlook school girl. You remain here bound, gagged and struggling to the floor while I get my camera!

Date: October 15, 2019
Category: General porn

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