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Left on the sofa closely bound and gagged I realize that I might be here for hours. I pull at the ropes but my bound wrists are attached to my crotch rope immobilizing my hands and pinning them. My elbows are slammed the welded together. My curvy legs are bent and frogtied but at least I have some independent motion in my thighs. My hope would be to try and get into the doorway and draw a little attention, but with my mouth stuffed filled and shut shut in layers of severe & duct tape I could;t call or shout for assistance. Create noise to draw attention and also I shout in frustration is to get into the front door. My task is to attempt without breaking my throat and get off the sofa. One of my legs slides but get scared since I can&severe. It’s too late to change my thoughts – I’m committed since I will &severe;t get my leg back up and now I´m balanced on the edge of the couch. I shut my eyes and slide my other leg and handles to get my knees before I roll onto the ground. Before beginning the crawl throughout the floor I catch my breath. The door seems miles out and I have no use of arms or my hands, only my legs, shoulders and neck have some motion to creep with. I inch slowly through the floor desperately trying to get into the door. I have no way of opening the doorway or even getting into my knees once I reach the door. I can only put in my side and also tap in the door along with my heels in hopes that somebody will hear and come inquire.

From: Milfgigi.com
Date: October 15, 2019
Category: General porn

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