I can&severe;t wait patiently for my fan to arrive… the anticipation is making me so wet and I&extreme;m dressed in a blue hot hot mini dress along with his favourite strappy sandals. I feel an arm wrapped tightly against my throat and I gasp for breath. I understand the voice in my ear – his spouse!! She looks menacing with a stocking pulled distorting her pretty face. The busty brunette XXXX me to show her my body and plea along with her and I begin to beg – I swear JJ!!! I went to break him up tonight. Severe I &;t had an epithany JJ – that I really don´t want him everywhere I swear – quit this please I beg as she ties my wrists behind my back!!! JJ ignores my stream of negotiating and pushes a red ballgag setting it . Me scare together along with her voice and that she tickles my elbows together causing my to scream out in pain under my gag. JJ adds duct tape wrapping it around and around my mind silencing me and groans. She ties a rope at the ceiling and my arms together and yanks up them high in the air in a strappado because she grabs humps and my buttocks me – is this how my husband fucks you GiGi?? Does his big cock feel great in your pussy?? JJ pulls up my shiney dress and gets back on her knees to tieing a rope tightly around my waist and yanking it difficult – the rope buried deeply in my satin panties and pantyhose splitting my pussy in 2 – I am so humiliated as she laughs at my butt toe – but soon the fear takes over if the voluptuous woman binds my thighs together from my legs to my thighs!!! She also shoves her big tits into my face and reties the strappado raising my arms that are bound to the limit. I am tetering balance off and sobbing like a baby – I&acuteJJ, ” &severe;m so sorry. Release me … Well, well skip haughty taughty GiGi – pitiful this isn´t exercising to you once you ruined my life!!!!

Date: October 12, 2019
Category: General porn

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