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I&severe;m a flight attendant on several of extreme & pilot Vicky Vixxx;s flights and I am convinced she is smuggling in diamonds to the worldwide flights and selling to the black market. I want a part of the action so Vicky is confronted by me and demand a percent or that I will rat out her. So I decide to take things in my own hands and cut Vicky the blonde MILF yells at me and will not share the profit. I plan to take the entire operation over. Soon her eyes roll back in her head and I press a rag on her face and intense & she;therefore woozy and dazed. I roll over her and bind her elbows together . Vicky moans and agrees to give a partnership to me, however it’s too late for discussions. I put in more rope a tight crotch rope dividing her pussy and then I bind her legs together. She can, but her body is tightly tied and vicky struggles to eliminate &acute. Vicky begs for mercy but I don´t care. I sit up and put her into a choke hold then I wrap her face sealing them and push a pair of panties to her mouth. I taunt the covetous smuggling bitch before struggling on the floor knowing her days of some smuggler are over and leaving her helpless and grope her body.

From: Milfgigi.com
Date: October 12, 2019
Category: General porn

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