Keeping House –


Cadence didnt understand once she was hired to clean Miss Veronica Vains estate, she’d be walking to a hell storm of lesbian sex. Veronica instantly orders Cadence to wash her hands off, feet and oddly enough, her very own private parts which signifies her undressing in an orderly manner, when she meets the red headed vixen. Cadence is more than confused now if she does exactly what Veronica asks!Cadence is instructed to accompany Veronica into the room, where she starts her cleaning duties 47, but she doesnt want to lose her job and is assured a suggestion. While she is on her knees Veronica leaves to come back also a sex toy in her hand and also wearing black lingerie. Veronica requests the innocent house keeper to seductively wash her entire body from the top to bottom, however, Cadence speaks claiming her company never mentioned anything about needing to wash a physical body! Veronica is tired of hearing Cadence gives her the ultimatum and complain; possibly she cleans her off or shows herself out with nothing to show for. Cadence complies, not able to argue with her boss sexual fantasies and starts her duties to satisfy the female finished bearer.Cadence licks her mistresses toes inch by inch along with her tongue, her arms, chest and ass, making Veronica pleasantly aroused. Cadence is requested to swallow the vibrator with her mouth, which makes it moist and nice to insert Veronicas pussy. Cadence thrusts the vibrator within her grasp, creating a burst of squirt around the floor which she is then instructed to lick clean. Since Cadence is working well, Veronica returns the favor from pleasuring Cadences with a walloping orgasm. Veronica summons Jojo Kiss, the exact skillful fighter she hired who can be more than helpful with A threesome of lesbian apogee Veronicas petition and eroticism that is glorious!

Date: October 9, 2019
Category: Squirting

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