It&severe;s a boring Sunday afternoon. My husband has gone to a soccer match and I don&severe;t know exactly what to do with myself. Suddenly I have a concept: a match that is bondage!! I sit on the sofa waiting for the husband and then put lots of rope out. If he gets home I would like to play with with a bondage game like we did when we’re younger, but in a way that is much harder. I see he is aggitated and angry because his team lost, but he agrees and hopes linking me super tightly can calm his nerves. He places me and ties my arms to wrists with alot of rope and he adds even more rope after completing it! I cry out and beg him saying that this really is this cruel bondage isn and unbearable & extreme. He ignores my pleas and has a mad look in his eye. He proceeds tying my legs with more and more rope from my thighs to my top knees into my lower knees and down into my chest ankles, while I shout in frustration and total pain. He joins my wrists to my ankles and if they touch I helpless. I visit Jim looking in the television broadcasting the match along with his angriness raises more and more when I awake in a couple of moments. I request to be cognizant since I am unable to bear this misery anymore and that I fear for my loss of flow. This man doesn&extreme;he chooses a huge ballgag and t care and gags me closely. I grunt and drool and shake my body uselessy. He applies some clover nipple clamps to my tits. Rather than being more affluent and satisfied, Jim becomes increasingly more mad exaggeratedly eager and out of control. All of a sudden, Jim starts to breathe heavily. He places his hand and eventually falls XXXX on the couch. Oh no!!! He´s had a heart attack. I try to phone him while tied up and gagged and cry out to him, but he doesn&severe;t move at all. I become frantic and desperate struggling at the bondage understanding that when he isn´t living anymore, I also will won&severe;t endure!

Date: October 9, 2019
Category: General porn

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