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Live Show Mondays provides you the finish of this November live series that featured Ashley Jane, Ally Ann, and distinctive guest co-top Princess Donna.The last installment of the November feed begins with a brutal 69 from the crate. Why brutal? The pointy spikes they’re made to put are not trivial on, and lead to much discomfort. Both girls are dragged out and if the boys set up another scene Donna leaves, also takes Ally Ashley finger fuck and FIST her buddy. Ally is designed to have the strongest orgasms of her life as Ally’s fist pushes deep her up cunt and Donna vibrates her clit.Now both girls are impaled on a sybian, disperse and helpless. We find that Ashely is done. The 3 hours of nonstop live BDSM has reduced the toll of it and she can not continue. However, Ally is prepared and prepared to go. Following Ally is made by the sybian over and over, we employ a zipper ot her. We teach Ashely that she’s going to pull it and make her freind scream. Ashely does not wish to but a look from Donna and Ashely is ready but not willing. The zipper is the brutal end to a very successful live series.

Date: October 9, 2019
Category: Submission

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