Savannah Fox vs London River –


Welcome to the Summer Vengeance series Tournament on Ultimate Surrender!

We’ve got 13 of the seasons greatest pros and rookies at a knockout seeded championship. We’ve got our # 11 ranked wrestler put against our 5 rated wrestler Now. The wrestling starts out favorable but things begin to change as we see the development of their tactics, since the girls feel each other out. They become much more severe and unkind as they recognize anal is on the line. In round 3 one wrestler completely overlooks another; trapping her mat and making her cum against her will and again till shes almost attracted to orgasmic tears. The Winner takes her Prize. She ties up her competitor in rope bondage with a vibrator strapped on her leg while shes getting fucked in the ass and in the pussy, so that she needs to shoot it. The orgasms are so regular and so powerful that the loser nearly cant handle it. She’s tied up and can not eliminate and must take it. The winner spits about the Warriors face, slaps her pussy until its red and leaves the victim onto the mats disgrace and a defeated.

Date: September 30, 2019
Category: Strapon

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