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Im getting a day outside browsing in a local department store. Im sporting a white and black striped dress, and on my little feet I’ve on my black and black shoes. Underneath my apparel, and strapped tightly against my butt that is peachy, is a really pink Drynites, with cute little images of butterflies on it. Its a major area, and there’s a lot to explore, and I just cant resist displaying my own Drynites and cheekily hitching up my dress, as I make my way along the various aisles! This is extremely risky, as there are lots of customers in the shop with me, but Im at a mood and just cant resist the temptation. I get a thrill out of showing off myself from different angles, and hold my dress up for longer periods at one time! Im having a lot of fun that I actually dont care, although the strong lighting within the shop makes it more probable that I will be seen. And besides, when somewhere is brightly lit, it makes it easier to flash anything I happen to be sporting;-RRB- After passing several people, I have the opportunity to sit down and rest on a few of the beds that are for sale, and this gives me a great opportunity to savour the squelching noises coming out of my crotch! What a lovely shopping excursion. What Im wearing could be called a Drynites, however here in the store right now, its neither nightnor dry!

From: Mydiaperdiary.com
Date: September 22, 2019
Actors: Faye Taylor
Category: Fetish

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