Christina Skye –


Like my homey Ice Cube said,”Today was a fantastic moment.” I woke up realizing that my private ATM machine, a few white boy who enjoys sluts, could be coughing up Benjamins. I think a business deal should go down smoothly and without problems. His love of the hoes gets him a debt that just an ass-whoopin’s threat can solve. So that the cops wouldnt grab me cutting him from ear to ear we went straight back to his place but his mother was home. I could see the fear in her eyes as she watched the surface of a guy whos seen the interior of a prison wall a couple of times. After some debate she began flirting with me as her boys encounter revealed that than watch me stick her full of black dick hed sooner crawl into a hole and die. As the debt is wiped by a sensible guy Id off since her mouth couldnt stop from bouncing up and down on my thick flagpole. The bitch puked all over my cock as that wanna-be Beaver Cleaver watched his momma engage in some nasty sex. I must have struck that uterus a thousand times whereas my balls retained the assault on her clit. Her fat tits kept jiggling the more the area ravaged at which he came from years ago. I had to lose my goo all down her mouth which ensured this failure cracker would not fuck with my money again!

Date: September 15, 2019
Actors: Christina Skye
Category: Fetish

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