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Im getting some relaxation time in the bathroom. Im wearing a slinky in the toilet, along with a lovely Tena Slip Maxi, and’m preparing to enter the shower. So its nice and hot, and a cheeky idea comes to me personally, the water runs. Why dont I depart the dress since I wash myselfand my own Tena Slip Maxi also?! I step in the shower cubicle, letting the thoughts of the day use the jet of water and melt away like I maintain the shower head. The dress is soaked and changes color, turning into a nice hue. The material feels smooth and lovely against my wet skin, nearly as good as the Tena that’s strapped around my bum. The dress wasnt loose but now that it is wet through, it clings like paste to me, leaving little to your imagination and hugging my curves. As for my own Tena Slip Maxi, wellis it just me, or do they feel Much More comfortable when they are soaking wet;)

From: Mydiaperdiary.com
Date: September 14, 2019
Actors: Faye Taylor
Category: Fetish

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