So we hired a personal trainer from acute & Craig nyxon and I looked to get in shape for the new year ;s List. Muscular black man Jah shows up and we negotiate a deal to begin instruction that is personal. Before we start, he asks to use the toilet. After a few minutes I seem to Nyxon – this really is taking a long time. What the hell is he going in there. We all enter the room to obtain the muscular ebony guy with his hands filled with my panties rubbing them onto his face and licking them! We threaten to allow his dirty little secret outside and his mind is covered by me . I push a set into his mouth then grab some thick electric tape and wrap his face with layers and layers until he&intense . I cross his thighs like a girl and bind his ankles and knees as Nyxon pulls it on his face and grabs pantyhose. We add several panties on his face and need training that is free to maintain his secret. Poor helpless Jah struggles from the bondage and that I keep adding more and more tape until he is not able to escape away. He struggles and groans but severe & that I;m not done with him. I tape up his hands into little balls and grab his cock . We abandon him helplessly jumped rolling across the floor beside a massive pile of panties.

Date: September 13, 2019
Category: General porn

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