Dotty pride review wetting –


Im sat cross legged on the bed preparing to critique the Dotty Pride. Im wearing a tight striped jumper, a pair of knee length socks, and quite cheekily, nothing around my butt! Im bare so that Im ready to wrap myself in the Dotty Pride and give my views. After all, when it comes to a subject that is really pleasurable I’d love to be prepared! The Dotty Pride is located on top of the duvet facing me, and I begin to talk about it. I mention some critical points, which are close to our hearts, like relaxation, affordability and needless to say, how absorbent it is;-RRB- Surely there will be a lot better ways to pass a day than sitting a cozy bed and discussing what feels good against your crotch:-RRB- Its now time too attempt on the Dotty Pride, also its not a moment too soon! It rustles and crinkles, and I strap on it loud. Its quite comfortable too, and feels tight and cozy. My liver is filled to the brimso I decide that today would be a terrific time to place it during the wetness test, which is obviously an essential factor in determining what to put on! I allow the floodgates open there on the bed, and take a powerful stream. The beautiful launch of the pressure on my bladder feels wonderful, and I can feel it getting much tighter around me as it bulks and swells and leaves my skin tingle. Tune into the video to hear my thoughts, and find out when my comments fit yours 😉

Date: September 12, 2019
Actors: Faye Taylor
Category: Fetish

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