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It looks like Mario includes a voyeur from the center although its another day at the fitness center for Mario and another shower to receive the perspiration off before calling it a day. Mike cant keep his eyes away Marios huge thick uncut cock and doesnt know what to do while still Mario cleans up, anyhow stroke himself. Mike isnt actually hiding much more like standing outside in the open so Mario can see exactly what he is doing. Mario calls him over and rams his tongue down his throat Mike can get a taste at what hes than pushes him down. Mike does his very best to deep throat which large thick meat but he could only go so far until he gags and has to come back up for air. Mikes at the zone taking care of Marios penis but hes ready to receive it deep inside Mikes tight hole which might be fun to squeeze into but hell go slow at first. Mike takes a few deep breaths and slides right down that huge uncut monster riding it like a champ revealing Mario he can take it fast slow and deep. Mikes round little bottom has gripped hold and won’t let go till Mario cums around him. Seems like Mike is the very first one to pop up and following his load has been unleashed his honey hole opens more for Mario so that he could blow off his load all back.

From: Extrabigdicks.com
Date: September 11, 2019
Category: Gay porn

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