Casey Calvert –


The stranglehold of the economy understands no colour barrier. Her boyfriend and casey Calvert are now applying for a loan at their regional bank. Bad credit? Problem. Unemployed? Keith certainly is and a loan risk when he sees you is known by banker Charlie Mac. Keith’s desperate, so he’s about to go the route of a guy: offer up his girlfriend as bonus. Casey’s initially hesitant and insane that her boyfriend could stoop so low. Casey knows that the comic book shop must be a reality for her dude. Casey loses her inhibition the moment she gets a look at what the shark that is black is packing inside his slacks. Keith looks about by sucking on a large penis as the love of the life proves her devotion to him. Casey’s love for black cock starts to evolve as every inch of Charlie slides down her throat. Keith can imagine his new store while Charlie’s large slab of black meat bends over and fucked Casey. The buttocks onto Casey Calvert- similar to the bank vault- opens wide and has put to the test. Casey, in between getting fucked, mocks proceeds and her boyfriend little penis to get her ass plowed by Charlie Mac. The banker’s signature comes in the kind of a great deal of jizz all over her ass cheeks. Keith, without missing a beat, cleans the clutter up and there is out that is because of sex, a comic book store. . . .read longer

Date: August 23, 2019
Actors: Casey Calvert
Category: Fetish

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