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Ever-dazzling phenomenon of nature from Ukraine, Merilyn 32F Sekova, joins us to get her nineteenth appearance, first teasing in a t-shirt and lace miniskirt on the edge of a tub. Drenching her shirt in hot water, she shortly strips down and gets in the tub where she splashes around, showing the flotation ability of her ginormous titties. Then unexpectedly the hand of the videographer enters the scene and squeezes her boobs in a strange and startling moment, before it warms up and Merilyn playfully spritzes herself with a spray attachment prior to getting down into the tub doggie fashion and wagging her buttocks way. Everything ends with her ignoring us a kiss.Read longer

From: Ddfbusty.com
Date: June 14, 2019
Actors: Merilyn Sekova
Category: Foot fetish

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