Aleska Nicole Fucked.. –


Aleska Nicole is on her rear in a predicament in which both her knees and ankles are bound open with spreader bars along with her arms above her head to offer you a full splay of her exposed body. Matt comes and attaches vacuum tubes within her nipples making massive tits look much larger. Petting her tight pussy with lube he slides his hands to her cunt and gets the very first of many orgasms out of her twitching body.Twisting the tubes off her today sensitive nipples, he adds meaner straps with strings attached to the ankle spreader bar. He then adds a vibrator to enhance his hands fucking her pit. As she is brought to orgasm her head bends on both sides and she moans, yanking her bondage. It makes her breasts stand out even more. She smiles, writhes back into pleasure and moans from her orgasm.Pulling her toes up to restrain her toes, Matt goes after them with a cane. Intermixing caning with tickling he chooses to strike the most vulnerable region – that the arch. All the corporal made her cunt tight again and now he wastes no time in pushing his fingers in nice and deep. One orgasm is not enough. He rips them out one by adding a vibrator back again. She contracts her body to meet with him and arches up. Matt jams the vibrator on her delicate orgasmed outside cunt. She fights and tries to find free, but she’s completely helpless.She thinks its around but he walks into forcing his hands over her mouth finger fucks her into one more extreme orgasm and leaves to see the cum drip off her cunt.

Date: June 14, 2019
Actors: Aleksa Nicole
Category: Submission

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