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Scotty Zee is a dirty little whore.Horny for punishment, so Scotty finally musters the courage to phone Jessie Colter for his expert services. The boy arrives in Jessie’s lounge and quickly falls under Jessie’s spell. Position by the roaring fireplace, Scotty strips in Jessie’s command. He peels down his boxers to show his hard dick standing at attention. Jessie plants the boy and makes him announce just how much of a filthy whore he is. Scotty hungrily gags on Jessie’s dick since Jessie guarantees that the agony’s only begun. Jessie takes Scotty to the far side of the couch, covers his body and fixes him into the ceiling. Blinfolded, Scotty only gets harder as he believes Jessie’s demanding touch. Unknown to Scotty, Jessie has his flogger in hand. Jessie twirls Scotty’s dick prior to letting the flogger loose throughout his entire body. Scotty’s legs have been brought up from the ground while Jessie covers Scotty from clothespins. Jessie eliminates the pins one by with his crop, the energy of every blow making Scotty swing in the suspension. Now Scotty’s warmed up, Jessie takes him to the stockade and paints Scotty’s ass with hot wax before ramming his whole period into Scotty’s tight hole. Jessie milks a load from the boy and sticks around on the front of these shares to cover the boy’s face in cum. As a parting gift, Jessie drips more wax on a cumdrunk Scotty.

Date: June 7, 2019
Category: Gay porn

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