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Welcome to the Summer Vengeance series Championship on Ultimate Surrender!

We’ve got 13 of this seasons best veterans and rookies in a single knockout seeded tournament. Johnny Starlight, ranked #10, is a curvy dark haired beauty who was our intermin Rookie Cup champion this season. Penny Barber, ranked #7, is everyones favorite big mouthed MILF having a terrible gift wrap hold which gives ever woman issues. Johnny would like to squash Penny and fist her pussy. Penny wants to hand gag and humiliate the haunted small newcomer. Penny Barber bullies our newcomer from the first round with her trademark grip, the”gift wrap” and is able to maintain Johnny down. This frustrates her get her close to orgasm. Regrettably, for Penny her weakness is hands in the pussy and it could be game over for her, after that occurs. Today, thats precisely what Johnny has to perform. The winner of the game will move on in the tournament that means more income, more popularity, and more fans. 1 girl becomes trapped, fingered relentlessly and can be completely broken from the close of the game. The winner has her way. The winner hand gags, hair pulls, and sets feet from the mouth of the loser and fucks her tight pussy in brutal style.

Date: June 7, 2019
Category: Strapon

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