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It has been almost a year as Rain DeGrey has done a standard studio shoot Hogtied. This girl has, boobs and long legs. Did we say she is of their hardest positions the world. So we could call it anything we 14, There’s no name for this. Lets call it the OMEGA tie. We’ve only met a few girls that can also do it.The OMEGA tie is a class 5 position towards the max. The body does not like to bend this manner. And if you’re in your home thinking you might want to try out this or one of those wanta be riggers that see what others do and try to copy, do not! You will undoubtedly hurt somebody. Leave this to the professionals.We aren’t going to explain how we tied her, simply look. But what we did was enjoyable. A savage face fucking, a excellent deep throat thumping. Nothing is sexier then a helpless woman at a horrible bondage predicament, obtaining a prick down her throat, and there is nothing she could do but take it as long as you want to give it.We then vibrate her into to near orgasm teasing her, not allowing her cum, till we LIFT the Omega tie of the ground. Now this really is something extra special, the strain on the entire body is extreme. Just the vibrator, and also series of devastating climaxes that tear her mind to shreds, keeps the pain at bay, so long enough to remain in the suspension. Well performed Rain, nicely done.

Date: June 7, 2019
Actors: Rain DeGrey
Category: Submission

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