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Scene Newly hired masseuse Bailey Brooke isn’t thrilled to find her former Manager Marcus London waiting for her to massage him.

She took a job in the spa last week, just because he fired her. He jovially points outside she was let go due to corporate restructuring. But she still refuses to take him. Marcus informs her he is friends with her new supervisor, and threatens to record the bad service. Afraid she’ll be fired in 1 week, Bailey begrudgingly attracts him back. If that is how he would like to play it, Bailey makes the decision to ensure that his massage is unforgettable. He is happy to get a good look at her hot naked body when she’s her robe. From the shower, he even admits he wanted to fuck her. They go in the tub where she immediately goes for his buoyant dick, kissing his mouth while she strokes him even harder. He moans with pleasure from her handiwork, but she tightens her grip until he cries out in pain! She apologizes and kisses it much better with a sumptuous blow job. Marcus is finally relaxing if her teeth put in the way and he pulls his cock out wincing. They move onto the mat, where Bailey slathers that the NURU gel on his back, however, the liquid is indeed cold Marcus gasps in shock. In her defense, he didn’t ask her to heat up the gel. They go with the oily rub down and he is really enjoying himself, until she accidentally slides her finger into his ass! She eases his distress from straddling his backside, suctioning her nude pussy onto his lubricated skin, slipping up and down together using the complete weight of her body, until she inadvertently knees him in the balls! She makes up for her mistake with a tantalizing blow job, sucking his weak balls stroking his cock with her ass hoisted in the atmosphere invitingly. Ready for entrance, she slides onto his penis, pops it into her sopping wet pussy and fucks his cock with a vengeance. When he grabs her buttocks to better her pelvic thrusting, she can not stop herself from cumming. He transforms it up so he does not lose his load too. Then they fuck each other sideways while she rubs her clit and begs to get his cum until he shoots it all on her pussy. What’s Bailey going to do with the selfie she pops as a keepsake? Click to learn!

From: Nurumassage.com
Date: June 7, 2019
Category: Fetish

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