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Its time to Michelle and Tangents preferred part of their trial, the session. Their auction slave should be able to take everything the women dish out, and he will be suffering alongside among their different slaves. They shove their large black cocks to their slaves’ mouths and the women grin with delight and laugh as the slaves gag about them. Michelle utilizes it to impale his head onto her hard dick while she laughs at him and puts her leg. Michelle and tangent both face slap on their slaves when they aren’t acting up to par. Michelle is having so much fun, so she throws BOTH her thighs about her slaves mind and rams her cock deep and hard down his throat. The women choose the time. They possess the slaves bent over the bench facing each other, humiliated because they may see the pain and suffering from each others faces because they’re both fucked deep and hard by the two unrelenting ladies. If their auction slave be sent back into the slave farm, or will he pass on their examination?

From: Clubdom.com
Date: June 2, 2019
Actors: Goddess Tangent
Category: Strapon

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