Charlie Chase –

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Scene TJ Continues to Be overhearing at the lunch Area out of a Number of politicians that Soapy Massage may be Led to get shut and is Currently a clerk in the city hall.

He has heard some good things about the area and wished to see. This weekend that he decides to give them a call to get a consultation and stop by. When Charlie greets TJ, she invites him in and they sit back on the sofa. Charlie asks why he chose to have a look at Soapy Massage and TJ talks about functioning in town hall. He said a few rumors have been going around that they may try to shut Soapy Massage shortly. Charlie sounds somewhat worried they had to change places and because that sort of thing happened before. If they could be helped by TJ out in exchange for a deal on an massage, she asks. He says he believes he may have the ability to sneak in and reshuffle a few piles of paperwork. Charlie says she will give a half price massage for just $50 to him and he insists on it.

Date: June 2, 2019
Actors: Charley Chase
Category: Big tits

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