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There’s nothing like the spontaneity a live sex show, the energy and the ways the girls get on your face. Trouble is that each and every perv would like to find one but they are tough to discover. Thank god for your Internet.In this scene, initially shot in September, Lorelei Lee binds Katherine Kane in anal intercourse subsequently overpowers her with electro BDSM in a record of a live webshow. It is shot continuously and with no breaks, just like you are there.Lorelei ties the electroslut in a lesbian BDSM torso harness, binding her legs and wrists with bondage tape. Katherine’s toes are exposed to Lorelei’s electrosex exploration with a cattle prod, however, Lorelei winds up with the ideal peds.After that short respite, Lorelei comes equipped with a vengeance. Lorelei wires up Katherine’s stainless steel nipple piercings and joins electro pussy clamps, then straps on a dildo gag. Lorelei is harsh femdom, and expects her moist, sexy pussy to be granted all the respect, devotion and worship from Katherine that it warrants, or there’ll be hell to pay.Finally, Lorelei stuffs Katherine’s mind into a stocking. Not understanding what’s coming Lorelei pushes the Samurai, then her fist up Katherine asshole.

From: Electrosluts.com
Date: April 30, 2019
Category: Strapon

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