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Svelte sphinx Delirious Hunter needs a discharge and was beating up pitiful boys in her dungeon all week! Ready to let go, fill her body completely, and choke a dose of her own medicine, Miss Hunter texts that the one girl she knows who will provide delight and the pain she craves – the celestial Mistress Aiden Starr. These two dominatrix pros waste no time, consuming each other fast – each in her own way. Aiden yells humiliates, and tempts Delirious, also Delirious, very cant stop fucking cumming. Stripped out of her latex to thigh high pantyhose and her stilettos – along with all Aiden Starr’s glorious tits bouncing above her – Delirious cums while still being spanked, caned, and flogged with her own whips. Because Delirious yells from her fist, wet, pink, bruised, and begging for more, Aiden shoves her entire hands deep in to the whores slutty cunt, yanking orgasm after orgasm. Seemingly an infinite well of pleasure, Delirious begs back and of her mistress, devoting each and every orgasm to humor and the beauty of the Aiden. Spread-eagle, bound standing into a rod, and gagged, Delirious is coated in no less than twenty five clover clamps – crisscrossing belly, face, her tits, and cunt. With a thick, long dick Delirious again becomes as Aiden tears orgasm from her adorable little dominatrix-turned-submissive, deliriously missing in her pleasure. Struggling against her ropes to get to her prize that is true – Aidens tasty cunt – Delirious turns and twists, reaching and extending, until she finally breaks free for a face full of paradise. Full benefit is taken by aiden, riding her whores face and smothering Delirious in her voluminous ass until shes willing to flip her over and take Delirious begging hole. Delirious takes every inch of the dominatrix-of-dominatrixes, swallowing Aiden as she moans and again to cum doggy and missionary, Entirely committing herself to Aiden. She becomes a pair of holes begging and writhing the mattress and Since Delirious eyes roll back in her mind, its apparent that her clit has come to be fully and devoted to Aiden Starr. And what becomes of such a slut? Ask all of the boys lined up.

Date: April 28, 2019
Category: Strapon

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