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Wesley Woods is gagged and tied up tight against the walls. Sebastian Keys and Chance Summerlin mozy in and get started teasing him. First they cut his shirt off to show his torso that is hot and wrapped up within his jeans is an hard cock waiting for agony and the pleasure he’s about to receive. They peel off his panties and lick him up and down arousing him more and more. They cut his underwear off and gradually reveal his huge dick to be sucked. Chance traces finds Wesley is seeping out pre-cum and his tongue all over him. Sebastian along with Chance jack Wesleys cock and then bring him and he moans to cum. Maybe not yet. . .They pull away and caress his sexy body some more and he’s out of his mind shaking and moaning of joy. Sebastian slides a tight flesh light onto Wesleys dick up and down expertly teasing him then Chance sucks on his cock and requires him into the border again. A head sleeve makes Wesley start shaking, his balls seize upward, his eyes roll back in his mind and he escapes. He wants to cum so bad but they still continue to deny him the pride. Next in Odds first complete suspension his legs are spread wide with all his hard dick prepared for Chance and the taking and Sebastian keep their tease. Chance sucks him also Sebastian licks on toes and his toes. They suck, caress and lick at his penis while Sebastian stretches it out and plays with Wesleys tight tight asshole. How much of this will he choose?! Chance deep-throats his dick when its he begs to place it back in and while a but-plug along with dildo slides in and outside of Wesleys ass. Chance Wesleys that are relentlessly jerks cock till he shoots his hot load and slips on the edge.

From: Menonedge.com
Date: April 14, 2019
Actors: Wesley Woods
Category: Gay porn

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