Tomas Hozman Endures.. –

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In his encounter with Tom Vojak’s round Tomas Hozman is attached to the St Andrews cross. Tom has some action in your mind for Tomas and attaches electrodes to the ring around his hard cock. Turning on the power creates as it strikes him, that Tomas and cock throb twitch. Because he sees the answer, tom repeats the electricity surge and wanks the penis a bit, laughing to himself. Tomas really feels is, and breathers greatly because a bit rests. Tom takes a candle and then drips some hot wax onto Tomas chest before turning on the power , which makes Tomas dick rebounds, as he believes it, his legs going weak. Until he believes the power go through it , the candle is then used to drip wax onto Tomas throbbing cock. Each time the power is switched on that cock pops around, remaining rock hard all the while.

Date: April 14, 2019
Category: Gay porn

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