Slave To The Machine! –

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What should you wear on a date with The Fucking Machine? If you’re Roxy Mendez, then you go for fundamental pink–pink ropes, which can be on your torso and torso, binding your hands to your sides, but nevertheless revealing everything from your boobs to your buttocks to the candy landing strip of pubes over your box. Roxy blows off and licks the black dildo of the Device, then kneels to the ground in front of it and continues to suck. She’s the servant to the Machine! As if it’s a life of its own, it prods her titties and pussy, the Machine could have its own way as she lays down to a long table. Since it goes back and forth on her snatch, the shameful dildo entering her veeg we watch that exactly the arm of the Fucking Machine. As the speed warms up, roxy lifts her thighs along with the Machine bangs her ever more . Wetness is gleamed with by her twat! So the Machine could perform her doggie style, she puts on her knees. Because it divides its dildo into its female lover watch the bizarre metal arm of the Meat Man! Roxy awakens in orgasm, and then as this Fucking Machine’s dildo slides away, she awakens into a sleep that is post-orgasmic. But then she looks at all and wakes up. Who knows what odd fantasies she have after her date with a robot pole??

Date: April 14, 2019
Actors: Roxy Mendez
Category: Bondage

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