Aurora Snow –

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It has been a dreadful moment. My car broke down and I find my loser boyfriend out. He is supposed to be a man but he had a way of showing it. There were several black beefcakes walking about who’d offered to help out me rather than calling a tow truck. I knew when they spotted my white skin and business titties that poured out of my top they had intentions. I presumed that fucking those black men facing my boyfriend to show him how large of a bitch he is. I couldn’t wait to be back ended by those thick pipes so it was only a matter of time prior to my bum and pussy were gaping for them. The white scumbag held my hand that was little since my holes got stretched beyond belief before me cleaned off of jizz that covered me, and it wasn’t too long. These men that are black couldn’t think what they saw and also they wasted no time speaking the asshole. They gave me a ride home but the moron needed to walk. . . .read longer

Date: April 14, 2019
Actors: Aurora Snow
Category: Penetration

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