Cuckolded by the Stepmother,.. –

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S phone after hammering her stepson looking on her husband & severe, the unkind woman gives him an ultimatum: either become my slave or I’ll tell your dad. The stepson threatens to tell his dad but will be convinced by this evil, sexy woman that his only choice is to do as as she says – beginning with licking at her pussy! Locked in chastity and dressed as a sissy, the stepson licks on his stepmother. She just yells at how weak he is requesting him how much better it was to really taste her rather than just jerk off to some pictures. As she plays his locked up cock, his key dangling from her neck,she makes it very clear that she possesses him and contains balls – and he had better do whatever if he would like to be about her, she says.

Date: April 10, 2019
Actors: Charlee Chase
Category: Strapon

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