Match 1, Round 2 Nightmare.. –

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Its the First match for the tag club period. Team Dragon Serena Blair (wrestler) Penny Barber (wrestler)Dragon Lily ( coach)Team NightmareBella Wilde(wrestler)Syd Blakovich (trainer and Wrestler)Bella and Serena start out on the mats to fend with this round and Bella quickly uses a tag. Syd bullies Serena and keeps her onto the black tag side. Every time Serena reaches for a tag she’s ripped off in violent style only to be viciously finger fucked while she’s whimpers desperately into her label partner who is so close yet so far away.Bella and Syd use a fresh”deceased star fish” technique which makes it hard for serena and penny to enter a good place whenever they tag.Winners of each tag match reach fuck the winners but at the conclusion of the year it is irrelevant if you won your label match. After all of the points are added , If you drop in the end you’re getting fucked in the long run. Team mates will probably be hating each other should they get fucked because their teammates dont work hard in their own games. If you slack you get the vinyl dildo nut sac!

Date: March 26, 2019
Category: Strapon

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