Project Pandora: Part Three –

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Last time on Project Pandora, Isadoras secret eventually surfaced, however the mysterious stalker who sent her a terrifying note suggesting they knew everything is still unknown, is it really Kitty who can send those mean things? Is it Kittys Butch roommate? Or is it Isadoras sister at Law, Julia who delivered the horrifying note? Isadora has a pretty good thought it couldnt be Kitty. When she showed up to tell Kitty about the entire thing, they more than made up. Kitty and Isadora revived a love they felt once but Isadora now has to face the fact that she totally slipped on her promise to himself to keep her inherent lesbian urges out of her life. Isadora yields from Kittys to locate Julia sipping her coffee. Figuring out Darrel didnt show up last night either. Shortly, Julia figures out that her husband doesnt seem to be Isadoras Main concern if a note like yesterdays unexpectedly arrives, this time with more clues. The manipulative perpetrator must know her every movement. After locating the photos from camp inside the envelope, then she finds that the Box and its content strewn carelessly around her bed. Isadoras world appears to crash to the floor, her entire life feels exposed, and she has no idea what has occurred. She determines that Darrel must have found the box along with all of the photographs. Isadora reaches to the nearest water she can find to attempt to calm her nerves, again, a trick, the warm water is Dr Elixors Blooming Tea, also soon Isadoras wails and crying turn into brilliant homosexual hallucinations. The world begins to turn her, and soon Isadora wakes clothed in a white dress at a completely new location. Primal variations of her Kittys former selves strategy her in front of a lavish fire dressed in nothing and struggle with her to access her hungry vagina and her lovely big breasts, still reeling and confused by what she feels and sees happening before her eyes.Isadoras eyesight is indeed real, Kitty producing her cum while she makes out with herself. As the tension increases along with the tea carries its entire effect their inter dimensional threesome arrives to a climax. Following 69, tribbing and many orgasms, Isadora eventually has her mouth covered in her adolescent Doras pussy juices, and also adolescent Doras hands and tongue inside her own mature pussy. Ass Kitty kisses Isadora one last time, she drops back into sleep, warning teenager Dora not to make the very exact mistakes.

Date: March 14, 2019
Category: Face sitting

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