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Eliza Jane has a twisted sexual obsession with her voluptuous Step-Mommy. After a taboo affair beneath her fathers own roof, Eliza loses track of her disgraced Mommy, however, tracks her down to the suburbs, enjoying a new start and marriage to another man. Enraged that she has been betrayed and turned by finding Ryan Really bare buttocks naked unaware she’s being watched through the windowEliza knocks on the window and begins a world of dark sexual chaos. Demanding that Ryan apologize for leaving her like this, Eliza throws her on the floor, ties her enormous titties up, clamps her milky nipples, making her lick her rebellious teenager pussy. Ryan laps in her step-daughters cunt till she’s thrown over, fucked hard with a strap on, humiliated and forced to cum on her step-daughters dick.Eliza believes she is in total hands, thankfully eating a sandwich and chased ways to split up Ryans marriage when Tommy comes home. No fool into her match, the very first chance he gets, Tommy plays Eliza and areas her scheming ass using an over the knee spanking, seduction, face fucking, tight rope bondage plus a violently sexy anal sex, stepping on her mind and railing her until she cums like a helpless slut.Ryan comes to find her past and her present have collided, leading to Eliza tied spread eagle until her with her tiny body heavily clamped for punishment. Ryan endures a penalty of her own: Train Eliza to comply Tommy because the man of the home, or kick her out of the home for good. Just like a good Mommy, Ryan has fucked with her husband in doggy while amusing Elizas clit in a match of reinforcement. The remaining portion of the evening is hot threesome activity, using a watertight rebellious Eliza transformed into the right lady sucks dick with her Mommy like a fervent small whore.

From: Kink_familiestied.com
Date: March 14, 2019
Category: Spanking

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