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Lily knows most of her moves cant withstand her little slaves special charms. Charlotte lick on her toes and gets consent to worship Miss Robins feet. The sight of her naked ass sticking up in the atmosphere is too tempting for Lily. She spanks, slaps, licks, and kisses Charlottes around ass. Lily informs Miss Robin to spank Charlottes ass while she lets her slave lick her shoes and suck on on her feet. Charlotte shortly moves up to Lilys sexy pussy while Charlottes buttocks is flogged by Miss Robin. Charlotte does a excellent enough job to have the freedom of tonguing her mistress asshole. By holding slaves go profound miss Robin helps. “Shes so fucking lucky she has to taste my asshole and my pussy.” Charlotte gets back her mouth on Lilys pussy and brings her into orgasm while Miss Robin continues flogging her buttocks. As a reward Charlotte gets Lilys foot stuffed in her mouth. Miss Robin have any fun with her servant, After Lily was cared for shes prepared to observe. Miss Robin turns the zapper on Charlotte, and then a couple yells from her hand. The women laugh. Charlotte yells and yells, but her pussy is dripping wet. Lily pushes her hands deep into Charlottes buttocks. She begs for more until she’s swallowed Lilys fist deep. But one fist isnt sufficient, Charlotte needs a complete foot inside her ass. The girls exude Lily along with Charlotte fucks her slaves pussy using a strap-on. Miss Robin strips her top off and soon Charlottes tongue is deep into Miss Robins ass. Keep licking it blank. Taste every last drop. Miss Robin repays the servant while Lily and her strap-on pounds silly her, with much more flogging. Charlotte takes just like a champ and begs to get pounding. Taken down from the suspension, Charlotte has her ass full of a strap-on dildo, and straddles reverse cowgirl, Miss Robin. While Charlottes ass is fucked by Miss Robin lily fucks her slaves. Insert a hitachi and some breath drama and little Charlotte is done for the evening. Great little whore. Miss Robin is amazed with how much of a Charlottes ass may take. A excellent first date with some standard.

Date: February 25, 2019
Category: Strapon

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