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Sitting alongside the fireplace, Paula spreads her thighs, showing her panties through the border of her tight shorts. Katherine gently unbuttons her shorts and puts her hands as she grabs Paulas little breasts and erect nipples using the other.As Katherine has been undressed by Paula, she firmly puts her foot between Paulas legs. Paula enjoys this feeling and she catches her foot and pushes it towards her because she awakens forward.While Katherine holds her legs up in the atmosphere, Paula sensually excursions with her tongue round her body, kissing her buttocks and slowly moving into between her legs. Standing next to the fireplace, Paula pushes up her buttocks as Katherine, kneeling behind her, puts her face between her bum cheeks as Paula keeps her mind firmly, loving every minute of it. Raising her leg, Paula shows her flexibility while Katherine vigorously hands her.

Date: January 12, 2019
Actors: Katherine J / Paula B
Category: Lesbian

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