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Skin Care Diamond is back on Sexually Broken.

Skin has been the recipient of the 2012 best female of this year in the Urban X awards. Very rarely do you ever see winners of best female doing extreme bondage, but Skin isn’t your ordinary girl, she’s beyond exceptional! Bound upside down using slender leather straps and a disperse bar, Skin discovers her self completely helpless. A rope neck tied to the ground retains her head in position and reduces her ability to move. Her arms begin in a brutal strappado down to the floor with elbows closely bound together. We oil up our helpless award-winning slut and slide a massive dildo into her moist pussy. A vibrator is connected to the rod, Skin Care is efficiently impaled, since the vibrator is secured perfectly on her swollen clit. Suction cups are put on her hard, huge nipples. Soon her nipples will probably be three to four times bigger as the suction expands them to a painfully enormous size. We snare the tongue out of her mouth with a barbarous gag, then put to the vibrator and fuck Skins pretty mouth with a large hard cock. It doesnt take very long for our helpless performer of the year to cum. Together with all the cock jammed down her throat, the neck rope holding down her, the vibrator makes quick function and leaves her cum and cum hard. Her entire body will stop cumming. It is total overload, upside-down nonstop climaxes rip though her body, she’s brutally skull-fucked into profound and durable subspace. Nipple clamps are the last touch. Her enormous nipples are clamped down and pulled up to her legs, however the rope neck keeps her in place. We tighten everything up, the rope pulls her into the ground, the vibrator is nonetheless making our witches cum.

Date: January 9, 2019
Category: Bondage

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